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එච්.අයි.වී සහ උපදංශය මවගෙන් දරුවාට ආසාදනය වීම තුරන් කිරීම පුළුල් පරාසයක මාතෘ සහ ළමා සෞඛ්‍ය ප්‍රතිඵල වැඩිදියුණු කිරීමට උපකාරී වන අතර සහශ්‍ර සංවර්ධනයට සෘජුවම දායක වේ.

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සඳුදා - සිකුරාදා පෙ.ව. 8.00 සිට ප.ව. 4.00
සෙනසුරාදා පෙ.ව. 8.00 සිට ප.ව. 12.00
ඉරිදා සායන නොපැවැත්වේ
ප්‍රසිද්ධ නිවාඩු දිනයන් සායන නොපැවැත්වේ

Sexual Health Services

Provision of sexual health and STI care services

රසායනාගාර පරීක්ෂණ සේවා

Provision of various testing services for management of STIs and HIV.

HIV treatment and care services

Provision of a whole range of services including counselling, treatment, and care for HIV and supportive services for People living with HIV.

Antenatal care services

Provision of services for Antenatal women for prevention, testing and treatment of sexually transmitted infections.

Prevention of STI and HIV

Planning and implementation of awareness programs and prevention activities to prevent Sexually Transmitted Infections/HIV.

Advocacy and training services

Advocacy to higher authorities and training services.

HIV self-testing

Self-testing for HIV


Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) and Post Exposure Prophylaxis following Sexual Exposure(PEPSE) Prevention of HIV using antiretroviral drugs before and after a possible exposure to HIV.
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  • Know4sure helps you assess your risk for HIV and book a safe, confidential and anonymous HIV test.

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Preventive Services

  • Training of healthcare workers.
  • Training of STI/HIV prevention for other health sectors.
  • Capacity building of NGO for implementation of HIV prevention activities.
  • Medical undergraduates and Postgraduates.
  • Counselling for selecting a suitable method.
  • Provision of DMPA, Oral Contraceptives and condoms.
  • Conduct awareness / sensitization programmes for STI/HIV prevention
  • Screening for syphilis for pre-employment, service confirmation, pre-migration, visa requirements.
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