Training Service

  • Training of healthcare workers.
  • Training of STI/HIV prevention for other health sectors.
  • Capacity building of NGO for implementation of HIV prevention activities.
  • Medical undergraduates and Postgraduates.

Family Planning Services

Family Planning

  • Counselling for selecting a suitable method.
  • Provision of DMPA, Oral Contraceptives and condoms.

Public Awareness

Prevention for General Public

  • Conduct awareness / sensitization programmes for STI/HIV prevention
  • Support NGO, non-health sector organizations, Schools other youth organizations to conduct awareness/ sensitization programmes for STI/HIV prevention
  • Screening for syphilis for pre-employment, service confirmation, pre-migration, visa requirements.

Preventive services for general public for Key (Most-at-Risk) Populations

  • Support NGOs to create awareness on STI/HIV prevention
  • Developing linkages with NSACP for screening and management of STI/HIV
  • Provision of condoms
  • Development and distribution of IEC material
  • Support to create a safer environment