General Information of the District

District Information Matale
PDHS area Central
DPDHS area Matale
Land area 1,952 Sq Km
Population 496,000 (year 2017)

Government Service Providers for STI/HIV (STD clinics)

Institution Contact Details
STD Clinic - Matale Dr. Jagath Ranawaka (Acting Venereologist)
STD Clinic, District General Hospital, Matale.
+94 662 222 261 (Ext: 146)
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Reported Total HIV data from the District during 2017 (Source: HIV case reporting system of NSACP)

Statistic Number % of total for Sri lanka
Number of HIV cases reported for the year 06 2.0
Cumulative Number of HIV cases Reported from the district 43 2.0


Reported Total STIs data from the STD clinics in the District-Year2017 (Source: Quarterly STD Return)

Disease  STD Clinic District Total 
Early Syphilis1 00 00
 Late Syphilis2 07 07
 Congenital Syphilis3 00 00
 Gonorrhoea4 08 08
 Opthalmia neonatorum5 00 00
 Non-gono.infections6 46 46
 Genital herpes 56 56
Genital warts 34 34
Trichomonasis 01 01
Other STDs7 02 02
Total STD's 154 154
Other Diagnoses
Candidiasis 57 57
Bacterial vaginosis 07 07
Other8 55 55
Total Other Diagnoses 119 119

1Within 2 years of infection, 2After 2 years of infection, 3Includes both early and late cases, 4Includes presumptive Gonorrhoea, 5Includes both gonococcal and chlamydial conjunctivitis in neonatal period, 6Include chlamydia, 7Includes Lympho granuloma venerium, Granuloma inguinalae, Molluscum contagiosum, Scabis, Hepatitis-B etc, 8Number of STD clinic attendees who were having non-STD illnesses.


Key Population estimated (Source: National Size estimation report - 2018)

  Estimated Number Range
Female Sex Workers (On a peak day) 545  
High Risk MSM 699  
MSW 69
TGW 45  
Injecting Drug Users 05
Beach boys NA