Main activities

  1. Coordinating the national response to HIV epidemic
  2. Carrying out HIV prevention interventions
  3. Helping to create an enabling environment for STI and HIV prevention
  4. Provision of clinical services for sexually transmitted Infections and sexual health promotion
  5. Provision of treatment and care for people infected and affected by HIV
  6. Provision of laboratory services for STI and HIV diagnosis and management
  7. Condom promotion for STI and HIV prevention
  8. Provision of counseling services for STIs and HIV
  9. Prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV and syphilis
  10. Training and capacity building of health and non-health staff
  11. Carrying out HIV and STI surveillance
  12. Carrying out research in STI and HIV
  13. Carrying out Monitoring and evaluation of STI and HIV services
  14. Dissemination of Strategic information on STI and HIV