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National Size estimation of the Most at Risk Population for HIV in Sri Lanka- Part I / Part II


Behavioural Surveillance (IBBS) Survey among Key Populationas at Higher Risk of HIV in Sri lanka

2018 National Size Estimation of the Most at Risk Populations for HIV in Sri Lanka
2018 Rapid Assessment of Drug Use Patterns (RADUP) in Sri Lanka
2017 Stigma Assesment of People living with HIV
2017 Rapid situational Assessment of TGs-Sri Lanka 2017
2016 Acceptability and feasibility of Oral-fluid rapid HIV antibody test among high risk groups in Sri Lanka
2015 Situation Assesment of Condom Programming in Sri Lanka - 2015
2015 A Situation Assessment of Woman & Children affected by HIV in Sri Lanka
2015 IBBS Survey among key populations at high risk of HIV in Sri Lanka
2014 The Post Intervention KAP Study-Plantation Workers on HIV / AIDS 2014
2014 National size estimation of MARPs in Sri Lanka
2012 List of Research Priority areas for STI & HIV in Sri Lanka 2012 - 2016
2012 Social Mapping of DU, BB, MSM, FSW in Sri Lanka - 2012
2012 National AIDS Spending assessment (NASA)
2011 Knowledge, Attitude and Practice in the gay community, gay identified men, and Men who have Sex with men in Sri Lanka
2011 Technical support to design, implement and monitor HIV prevention programmes among Female Sex Workers, Men who
have Sex with Men and Transgenders in Sri Lanka; A Report
2010 HIV Estimates Reports 2010
2010 Report on pop size estimation - 2010
2006 - 2007 Sri Lanka Behavioural Surveillance Survey 2006 - 2007